Game Jam+ 2021/2022 (October 8, 9, 10, 2021)

Game Jam+ (GJ+) is a game development marathon that has as its main goal to foster the creative economy industry with new games and companies. In its sixth edition in 2021/2022, it will feature 100 cities worldwide (in 30 countries), more than 2000 participants, 500 projects (150 incubated over 3 months), 1000 volunteers, in addition to companies such as Unity, Sebrae, etc.

GJ+ 21/22 lasts for 7 months, starting in October and is divided into 4 stages.

Stage 1 (Oct 2021):
* 45 hours of game development immersion
* A judging panel evaluates and selects two finalists for each city

Stage 2 (Nov 2021 ~ Jan 2022):
* Two (2) finalists teams per city are accelerated by renowned area professionals

Stage 3 (Feb 2022):
* Finalists meet in 5 major events to compete for continental first place:
- North and Latin America
- Africa
- Brazil
- Europe
- Asia

Stage 4 (May 2022):
* World Grand Final with representatives from each continent

Categories of GJ+ 2021:
1) G4C - in partnership with G4C Latam, this category aims to encourage games to solve one of the 17 UN SDGs challenges.

2) Best sponsor theme - The sponsor chooses themes and diversifiers to be worked in the games by the participants. It could be: (i) elements of the company (logo, name, symbol, etc.); (ii) games for customer loyalty; (iii) games for training employees

3) Diversity - this category aims to encourage: (i) more games made by Women, Black and LGBTQI+ developers; (ii) more games with Women, Black and LGBTQI+ protagonists and themes

4) Best publisher game - Find games in our community (not necessarily games from game jam+)

How Can I Participate?
Our registration is 2-part. For the first part, Sign up here. The second part is an Eventbrite registration for the following cities: Durban, Cape Town, Sandton, Midrand, that will follow by email to you. If you want to jam representing another city not mentioned, you are still free to sign up and I'll bring forward the city's to the Game Jam+ organizers in Brazil.

Venue: Durban / Sandton / Midrand / Cape Town, online event. Meeting links to follow closer to the dates.

Date/Time: From October 8 @6pm to October 10, 2021 @6pm

Important Dates:
  • Warm up | September 27th - October 8th: Two weeks of content, such as talks and workshops, to the jammers
  • Event | October 8th - October 10th: 48 hour of development
  • Evaluation Deadline | October 18th: Last day for the judges to send the rating of the games
Rules for Teams:
  • 1-5 teams: 1 team is approved to the 2nd stage
  • 6-12 teams: 2 teams are approved to the 2nd stage
  • 13 teams or more: 3 teams are approved to the 2nd stage (but we can discuss)
  • Will be divided by Region: The regions are not defined yet, because we are still inviting venues;
  • Will be mostly online: There is still no sponsors for a presential semifinal on each region so, for now, we decided to make it online;
  • It will be eliminatory: Depending on the size of the region, we are going to set a certain amount of teams to the Final Stage
Some of the games made at last year's GJ+, by other African countries:

Hasinala, on a journey - Antananarivo, Madagascar

The Rescues, Antananarivo, Madagascar

Race FREE - Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Cute Bekiboo, Antananarivo, Madagascar

Growing Shade - Windhoek, Namibia

Knight of the Tower - Lusaka, Zambia

Dihy Experience - Antananarivo, Madagascar

Freedom - Ile-Ife, Nigeria


  • Game Jam+ FAQ's

    Who can Participate?
    Game Jam+ welcomes jammers from any areas of expertise's, that actually improves a team project. Remember that making games is a multidisciplinary activity. There are no past experience requirements, you don't have to be a pro or a veteran, as long as you can contribute in some way to the project, you're welcome! After all, that's why we have mentors! So don't be afraid, go down the rabbit hole and embark on this adventure!

    Can I participate with a team I created beforehand?
    Yes, you can! Of course, it is not a requirement. We will host an activity to break the ice and build teams, so no one will be left out. Remember to be open to this experience! You can find your dream team member there, who knows?

    I'm not a developer but I wanted to help a team in some other way, can I?
    Yes, yup and of course you can! As said before, making games is a multidisciplinary activity, and GJ+ is an event that recognizes that. Remember that there will be a business pitch, so people with marketing, business, advertising and monetization knowledge can participate (and other specializations too!). Do you have a friend that is awesome doing business pitches? Why not ask them to join your team? Making games for a living is not restricted to only making the game, remember that at all times!

    I'm working in a game for a while, can I use it in GJ+?
    Well, no. The game must be made entirely during the jam. If you worked on it before, it can't be your game project this time.

    Can I film, photograph, stream the jam? My online followers would love to see this!
    Of course you can! This is not a movie theatre, go nuts! We only ask you to respect your fellow jammers privacy in doing so, after all, as the first rule said: respect!
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