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Before continuing, please note that this is a position for gambling products, specifically in virtual spots. We do use game engines to create these products. Also, note that I do not work for an agency. I am a member of LUMA Interactive and our partner company, Kiron Interactive.

Luma Interactive is looking for a Producer (who will be replacing me) to join our team of developers and artists, working on an established suite of virtual sports applications built-in various game development technologies that already have international success. The position will involve working with your team as well as existing and new clients to ensure that projects run smoothly and deadlines are able to be met.

If you are passionate about working with a team that produces high-quality content and you are interested in getting into the virtual sports scene, then we would love to meet you.


- Plan and oversee a project, and manage members of the team
- Initiate and track all production processes through direct management of team leads (art, design, development & QA)
- Develop and maintain project schedules for all areas of project development
- Work with existing and new clients to ensure that requirements are met within a reasonable timeframe
- Work with our partner company, Kiron Interactive to ensure that all needs are met for your team and theirs
- Create cost plans for new projects
- Ensuring that the teams' needs are met and planning correctly to ensure that crunch time is avoidable (we all want a work/life balance)

Essential Criteria

- Have a good understanding of the assigned projects and a good command of the production processes, platforms, and technologies in order to give the right instructions to the team
- Have a good understanding of agile methodologies to ensure that milestones have been met
- Understanding project management and learning your teams' strengths and weaknesses is a must
- Great communication and problem-solving skills to ensure that any issues that occur are dealt with swiftly
- A good understanding of project development in all criteria

Advantageous Criteria

- Experience working in Unity
- Experience working with project management tools such as JIRA or Youtrack
- Game development experience
- Experience in Houdini
- Experience in Maya and Blender


- This is a permanent position, subject to a 3 month probation period
- Due to the pandemic, you will primarily be working from home, but the option to work on-site may be required if regulations permit it
- Working hours are flexible, so long as you are available during core hours (10:00 - 15:00)
- Salary can range between R30,000 to 50,000, depending on experience. Negotiations are also welcomed.

Contact Details

Please submit your CV to lloyd@luma.co.za
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