Our 2nd game Last Shape Standing Steam page

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Well dang! We got to 8th place for the Game Development World Champ entry for the month of May, so happy about it :)


Hi everyone, super exited about this project and as this is our 2nd big game to be released on Steam, we hope this will do better; it is a mini-game style arcade survival arena played single-player or local co-op with up to 4 friends.
It will be early access for now so we can get feedback everytime we add new mini-games and mechanics, we quite like the simple and minimalistic style where it's easy to pick up and have people join with in the chaos.

Let me know what you all think about this :)



Also this is the 2nd year anniversary of our 1st game which is 90% off on Steam if anyone is interested


We'll be participating in the Steam Fest from the 1st of Oct! There's always lots of cool games to try and hope our game will be one of those you'll enjoy :)

New trailer and demo is already up!


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