Telekinesis Gameplay mechanics Prototype (Custom 3D Game Engine)

Hello everyone I just started a new project about a month ago, So far I have one basic gameplay mechanics which is Telekinesis the ability to move and manipulate objects.I do not have a demo yet, so I am just going to post a 30 sec video of the current gameplay. I also want ideas for more gameplay mechanics cause right now I am having difficulties in coming up with more ideas.I am using my custom Game Engine build with LWJGL to make this prototype.
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  • Looks really awesome. Reminds me of Magneto's super abilities from X-men. Any of Stan Lee's characters could be a great place to find inspiration for this type of game. Look forward to seeing the progress.
  • @Gman thanks, yeah the abilities are kind of inspired by magneto and also the game Control and I have been watching movies with this type of ability like chronicle to get more ideas and inspiration.
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  • I can now drag human beings in this prototype check the video on youtube...
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  • The environment and human drag ability are looking fantastic... looking forward to seeing the progress. Thanks for sharing your journey.
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  • Thanks @Gman the environment is something I came up with quick, I think I might change it in the future, thanks for following this journey :)
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  • Look at the new scene with bloom and neon kinda lights..
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  • The neon lights and reflections from the green orb look amazing. Excited to see the progress you are making. Would be amazing to see the green orb or other objects being moved or pulled with telekinesis.
  • Hey @Gman thanks nice to see you still following this, sorry for the late reply.. you just gave me more motivation to work on this, let me get to work now..
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  • I replaced the old character with a new textured one and I'm also using pbr "physically based rendering" workflow to render different type of materials on my characters and other objects to look good in any environment..take a look
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  • The lighting and reflections look amazing. The character's texture mapping is also coming along nicely. It will be awesome to see objects and characters being pulled through an environment with the light reflecting off of them. Looking forward to seeing your next clip. Congratz on the amazing work so far.
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  • Thanks @Gman I just wanted to finish the rendering side of things, I'm gonna work on the gameplay mechanics like moving of characters "Animations " and objects..Right now trying to get a new powerful computer
  • nice Jay, I like how you've included a PBR workflow, good choice of ability as well :), any future plans of making certain objects dynamic for a collision type of effect, that would be awesome. keep it up I like the progress you've been making.
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  • Hey Squidii thanks been working on my physics engine and I think now its going great, I'm just having a hard time coming up with gameplay ideas... check this short video I uploaded on YouTube just now, Any idea that you have I can try out based on this? Sorry for a crappy video weak pc ;( Thanks
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  • You might get some ideas from the "Magnet Game": by Game Maker's Toolkit.
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  • lol @Doker2030 I have always watched Mark Brown game design videos just amazing that you recommended the game his making thanks my guy, I didnt realise how they connect in game mechanics hahaha!!!
  • Hey guys been working on a lot of stuff although not too much progress, I'm trying dragging animation for telekinesis ability like when the player lift up their hand to drag an object. I also modelled a new character to motivate myself..

    Check this video on Youtube.. what do ya'll guys think?

  • JayJay

    Some particle effects and npc behaviour I am ready to take this further now...Still trying to figure out what the game is all about but atleast I have something to start with..

    Check the npc following behaviour on YouTube and follow my progress it's gonna be fun..
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  • Awesome.... the game has got a bit darker than expected, but still super cool.
  • @Gman yeah I'm not rendering a skybox yet..
  • Hello everyone It's been long I have been working on this engine and I have added Deferred rendering and redid the characters also..

    Also check the short video on YouTube on the idle animations here:
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