Are there any 3D Fractal Artists on this group?

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I am looking to connect with any other 3D Fractal Artists on this group that use fractals in Unity or Unreal.
I know it is a long shot in South Africa.... but just putting it out there.


  • I know @bevis was making fractals for a while, although I think they were mainly using 2D/postprocessing effects.

    Is there something in particular you're looking for?
  • Thanks for your reply Elyaradine.
    Just looking to connect with people that may have a better understanding of the possibilities of importing the Fractal Worlds I create into unity or other gaming software and the best ways of making them explorable using the Unity Engine or other software. I spend a lot of time in these worlds and know that it is possible to do.... just not sure exactly how. Ray Marching seems to hold the key to making it possible, but would like to connect with people who have achieved it locally to create morphing environments.
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    Oh, I remember seeing @bevis playing with this:, in case you're not familiar with it. He was getting some really cool-looking results with it in Unity.

    I believe the main gotcha though, is that while you can make some wonderful-looking things, creating interactions to go along with them (i.e. making it a game rather than just a tech demo) was quite tricky. I believe folks who've done this kind of work typically show you flying through the world, but they purposefully move the camera in order not to collide with any objects because doing those collisions is difficult, particularly if it's truly fractal and things can have wildly different scales and levels of detail.

    This isn't so much of a problem if it's really just to be an art piece, but afaik how someone would interact with the raymarched result with collisions and stuff is the main barrier to this approach being more widely adopted in games.
  • You are right when it comes to the interaction with the environment. There are a number of people who have figured out how to do it and some of them are doing amazing work with these environments. Just not sure which game engine they are using... hence my question. The term cone-marching has come up a few times, but still looking into the differences between the two. Would still love to know if anyone is using fully immersive Fractal environments in their games in SA.
    Thanks again for your feedback.
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