World Turtles: Major Update to My Free Playable Demo

Hi all,

I've release a major update to my Demo! I'm now on my way to 600 wishlists on Steam and World Turtles is participating in the Steam Next Fest starting 16 June. Exciting times!

Steam Page:

1280 x 720 - 909K


  • How is this going? Early Access soon?
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    How is this going? Early Access soon?

    It's actually going *really* well. I kept working on the game and participated in the June2021 Next Fest. Thereafter I focussed on improving the game. Around mid-April 2022 I had just under 4,000 wishlists, which took forever to get. Keep in mind my target has always been "at least 10K"). But then things started happening!

    I participated in the Earth Appreciation Festival end of April, the June 2022 Next Fest, and the Tiny Teams event early August, with some PC Gamer coverage and a few smaller exposures, which suddenly brought me to 13,200 wishlists.

    In the mean time a well-known US publisher contacted me and we made a deal last month. I'm giving away a good chunk of my eventual income, but they're helping me with lots of things - for example, paying for localization - most importantly more marketing, and a monthly advance so I can improve the game before Early Access release (which I'd have to do this month if I was still on my own). They took me to Gamescom, PAX West and, this week, EGX London, and I'm getting great exposure from being in their portfolio.

    I currently have 17K wishlists and we're aiming for 40K by Early Access launch June 2023. If we can get to 40K, giving them such a big % of the income will be totally worth it - for them to really make money from this, they need to make me some money alongside them :) And they're positive we'll go beyond 40K!

    Thanks for asking :)
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