Best Drifting Devil Slayer [JamesPlusJam2021]

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Made another GTA2-like for the JamesPlusJam 2021 over the past week. Theme was you're the best. Feedback would be great if you had the time to try it out



  • @FanieG I had a lot of fun with your game. The polish is evident and much appreciated.

    I only had 2 gripes, so minor critique if you don't mind:

    1) The font wasn't eligible unless I walked up to the screen. I was playing on LG TV 60 inch, so not sure if it would be better on a smaller monitor.
    2) The bullets are firing at the top left corner of the cursor instead of dead center. You could apply a slight offset to fix it.

    I like the isometric perspective and particularly like the car handling... Drift! The colour scheme and overall polish on everything is exceptional (popping menu items and in game particles). The AI is also clever as they run away instead of attack when you enter a vehicle and run them down. The cop cars surprised me, a true GTA callout indeed, haha. :)
    It's also clever how you integrated the menu and tutorial into one. ;)

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  • @konman thank you sooo much for taking the time to play it and give feedback. Your 2 gripes are valid and I will most def fix them. Didn't actually realise the top left of cursor issue until you mentioned it. now it's all I can see. i made the font small to force the player to go up to the screen because I was worried that they wouldn't realise that there are more screens when you move up and thus miss the tutorial. I'll have to rethink it a bit. Thanks again for playing
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    @FanieG Last thing that might be apparent, apologies if so. You don't need to change the bullet/aim behaviour, only where the center of the cursor is? :P What engine did you use to make this in? It was not clear.
    Edit: Ah nevermind, I see it was Unity.

    You can do it in code if you have more than 1 cursor:
    Cursor.SetCursor(Resources.Load<Texture2D>("Sprites/Cursors/crosshair3"), new Vector2(16, 16), CursorMode.Auto);

    or if only 1 then in the Player Settings window, see "Cursor Hotspot" setting.
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  • @konman thanks for the tip. That is a much easier way to solve it. Kinda embarresed to say how I was going to attempt it. Unfortunately can't make any changes until voting ends, but want to continue working on this post-jam
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