Planet Of The Invaders ( reworking / WIP )


I cant seem to find my post for this game so I've made a new one.

I've decided to rework this concept, since I lost all the files that I had previously.

It's called Planet Of The Invaders. I want to use unity for this one and think it would be a nice start .

Nothing complex about this ones gameplay or story, will just be as good as I can make , a 3rd person shooter with a story and multiple locations.

Anyways, I'm using blender to generate the assets this time, so things are alot different from the original concept i started about 3 or 4 years ago.

Anyways laters.


  • Looks cool @Kulu.

    Have you imported this into Unity yet?
    Any issues with light bleeding through the walls?
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  • Hi @iamdavidnight.

    Thanks. I haven't started any unity stuff for this project, still in planning process of where, what, how, who and when things are going to happen in the game.

    And still building models at this point.
  • Hi.

    I've made the default model for the bad guys in Planet Of The Invaders. I'm calling them The Dread.

    They are cyborgs.

    The story of The Dread is that they are known for being brutal enslavers, who roam space in order to expand their civilization, they act without thought or consideration for other beings. They are madly driven to by an unknown goal, yet the one thing that is certain is that , if you cross paths with them , they will without rest, pursue to capture and enslave you.

    The Dread default.jpg
    896 x 504 - 137K
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    Some more progress. Haven't started making the actual game yet. Still testing the waters.
  • I think the building you've got has a great sense of scale. I think a bit of fog would help push that scale even more, and some well-designed lighting.

    What are your goals with this project? It feels like you're spending a lot of time thinking about story and long-term things before you have a prototype gameplay loop. (My experience is that level design and movement/gameplay mechanics go hand-in-hand, so that if you're making environments/levels before you know things like how fast you can move, how high you can jump, whether you have jetpacks, dashes or other movement abilities, whether you need cover, or places for pickups/powerups, whether it's easier to shoot up (rifles?) or down (rockets?), etc. you're likely to have to redo a lot of work later on when you figure out the gameplay part.)
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  • @Elyaradine thanks for advise. You are right that I haven't yet implement alot of the gameplay mechanics. I'm still working on player movement and controls system.

    I've finally got a working mouse based look system working with a keyboard controlled motion system. No strafing yet, but I'm getting there.

    My goals for fighting mechanics is basic gun shooting with maybe a melee punch or kick.

    Its lots of comedy, working with unity. And also since I'm new to this gameplay type, with these sort of controls and a bit new to unity as well. I end up laughing at the results I get sometimes. But it's also frustrating if I spend more than 2 days on one element.

    Right now I've got the character looking up and down and left and right using mouse and it's just his upper torso, arms and head areas that look around. Now I'm gonna see if I can get the animation to apply to just those looking regions. His lower body and legs still retain animation and move and turn around according to keyboard and mouse axis inputs.

    I will admit it looks like a very old game, with these controls and character setups. Looks a bit like jedi knight jedi academy character controls. But hey I'm still happy actually.

    The reason I went a bit further with modeling is to see how I can implement my desired look, while keeping framerates decent on my gt 620. I'm also happy with that side of developments.


    Hi. I've done a bit of stuff on the enemies. Now they can follow the player around and get shot by the gun particles.
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  • Hi there.

    Well it took a long time and alot of tutorials and effort, but I think I've got the aiming working now. The enemy also moves towards the player. I've learned quite a bit from all the resources I've found. Had to rebuild the test scene, that Ive been showing, because I saved the scene while doing a retargeting of a rig to the humanoid rig in unity.....lesson learned.

    I'm now moving forward with other aspects of gameplay.

    Will release a little demo once Im happy with the progress. Still a bit of a while away from that achievement though.
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    Hi there. Just a quick link to my current progress. Not much to tell. Just aiming and enemy moving towards player.


    Started doing scene loading. Now there's outside scene as well as indoor scene.

    Comments welcome.
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