Game Designer or Developer? Want to help aspiring enthusiasts?

EMENDY MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE | We need a game enthusiast like you to encourage prospective game developer and design students to follow their dreams. After all, you pursued your dream, and I trust you are living a life that you are passionate about. A lot of these youngsters end up in a career that they are not passionate about because they are unsure if there are real opportunities out there. Their parents also need a lot of convincing.

As a team, we believe in the future of these young people and want them to live a fulfilling life.
We will in turn promote your work on all our channels so it can get even more exposure.

Will you say yes to helping your Gaming community? Comment your email address if you want to help us at the EMENDY Open Day Hatfield on 27 February from 09:00 to 13:00 and talk to prospective students? You can decide whether you want to talk in front of a group or individually with each. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.


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    I'm very enthusiastic about talking to folks about working in video games if I can do it remotely (I'm currently in Cape Town). I've spoken at several local schools and worked in indie and AAA games, on mobile, console and PC games, as an artist, programmer and the stuff in between.

    But I also don't really want to be associated with a school or course that I can't vouch for. I haven't seen much of your school at all, and the website's quite scarce on details. Can you tell me who your game lecturer(s) are (what's their game or teaching experience?), and show examples of past student portfolios? Or alternatively allow me to talk to them without it being framed as an endorsement of your course?
  • These two points (from here):

    "On par with global development in this new industry, the gaming industry is also a vast developing industry locally, with huge numbers of users actively spending money on the game product. A large category of these game products are easily distributed online and via mobile applications directly by the independent game developer. In this way, there are many opportunities for skilled gaming entrepreneurs to be self-employed in this blossoming industry locally.

    As mentioned, the demand for electronic games grew on par with its growing market, and many companies have tried to capitalise on this. Still, there exists a lack of competent game designers in the field, which resulted in the local game development industry being quite stifled. One significant contributing factor to this is that the formal and systematical study of creative Game Design and development is much underdeveloped in South Africa. There exists a noticeable lack of advanced skills and academic proficiency in this field - regarding both its theoretical knowledge-base and in higher-level practical-and innovative applications."

    are not true.
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