Junior game developer and designer.

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I recently graduated from a BCIS degree, in game design and development, and am looking to start my journey in the game design industry. Please feel free to contact me and have a look at my portfolio website (which includes my CV, games I have worked on, my portfolio reel and my contact details).

Website: www.dylanjamesramsden.com


  • You should open an itch.io account and upload all your games.Game pages can also link to an official external page so you can link each game to its page on your web site to retain the connection. Your web site is very professional and interesting but screenshots, design documents, and videos can't replace feel and, to a lesser extent, technical snooping. (Is the game 3 GB even though it's a basic endless runner and it makes computers melt from overheating? Can you configure the keys? Can you mute the sound? - These are all little things but they get noticed by certain types of people, such as potential employers (and games reviewers/journalists), and employers aren't going to spend the time I just did to track down a handful of Project Pixel games that have accessible builds.)

    There aren't a lot of jobs in South Africa but you will get noticed if you participate in the local community (such as joining MGSA, as you have), continue to participate in game jams (to work on specific skills or ideas and to have the experience of working with different people - don't just do solo projects and projects with the same group of friends), and continue to make small games and release them so that people can play them and give you feedback.

    As an aside, I'm also curious as to why Neon Runner isn't on your web site and I would suggest that you remove your home address and ID number from your CV PDF.
  • Thank you for the feedback @Watman.
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