Meetup 9 Feb (online, national)

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After GGJ we're expecting more participants than our Discord video channels will allow, so we will start the meetup In Google Meet before making our way back to Discord for feedback and *coffee.

- This event happens monthly (2nd Tuesday of each month)
- is free to attend and
- anyone may speak at the meetup, but let us know either in the discussion here or on Facebook so that we can co-ordinate it.

Test games! Talk games! Make games!

-casual hangout on Discord beforehand

6:30 in Discord
- Introductions
- Community News
- Talk [20min]
- Talk [20min]
Set up Discord for focused feedback
-switch to Discord for focused feedback

The Event Page on FB

* There is no coffee unless you make it yourself. This is an online event, Brian.
** Sigh.... remember social coffee?
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