Rad Rails Beta Feedback + Recommendations

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is keeping well & all the best for 2021!

We're looking for feedback & recommendations on our new hyper casual mobile game.

Game Brief
The idea of the game is to grind along the endless rail, collecting cans (currency) to unlock all the riding elements. The beta currently includes 1 environment with 7 props. We're creating 4 more environments (ocean, snow, desert, space) with 5x native riding elements per environment (eg: magic carpet for desert).

Feedback & Recommendations
We're looking for feedback/recommendations on the following:
> The game idea & unique core mechanic (balancing)
> Any glitches / bugs experienced;
> Preferred mechanic gameplay, buttons or slider (you can toggle between them in settings)
> The low poly character, props & environment;
+ Any other ideas to improve the experience & retention (eg: idea for an additional mechanics)

Android > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.HambaStudios.RadRails
iOS > https://testflight.apple.com/join/XTcGjXWL
Feedback > https://forms.gle/SHPa9wuUnXUuu7KK8

Please email hello@hamba.co.za if you experience any issues or have any questions.

Thanks in advance!

With love,
Team Hamba
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