Looking for another designer to join us.

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Howdy all!

Thought I would post on these forums as it may give someone the ability to work even though its not within game development. If this isn't allowed please feel free to delete my post.

My self and my partner recently received full funding for our app idea. The app is within the ecommerce field and we have reached the stage where we are looking at bringing on another designer to work alongside my self. You must live within South Africa and be able to travel to Pretoria to meet at my offices when needed. Offices are in Hazelwood so plenty of awesome restaurants around us :D.

Payment will only be discussed with those who are chosen to progress through to final stages (yes you will be paid, we are not asking you to work for free).
If you're interested please feel free to send me a link to your portfolio and abit about your self. Major plus if you have previous app design experience :).

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Edit: because this is still highly confidential all potential employees will be asked to sign a NDA.

Edit 2: Just a quick paragraph of what will be needed from you. I have done the majority of wire framing and we now need somebody who has a design flare to come in and create how the app will look from colors to logo choices to font and Icons. Its a rather big job but the majority of this will be discussed at the first interview :).


  • Good Evening, could we please get links to your Email addresses please?
  • Good Evening, could we please get links to your Email addresses please?
    No problem :) drangjobs@gmail.com.
  • According to the forum rules, job postings need to include more information than you've provided:
    - A job must be posted by the company offering the position/contract and the company must be clearly identifiable.
    - The position must be clearly stated as a game development position/contract.
    - The job post must contain a description of the skills/qualifications required, an indication of payment/budget/salary, expected timeframe for the job and a job description that clearly communicates job responsibilities.
    - The job post may not be solicitation for spec work or in the form of a competition reward.
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    Thanks to everyone who sent a resume through to me. The position has now been filled
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