[For Hire - Unity C#/Unreal BP/Unreal C++ Programmer]

Hello everyone,
I am Alexis Stahnke, a 25-year old transwoman who just finished their 3-year Computer Science degree studies. I've been wanting to work and break into the industry for a while now and I am opening myself up to work for hire in the industry! I have programmed for a few places before, namely Sensevirtual and Avrlon in Germany.

I am interested to discuss and work on a variety of projects, including AR/VR (If equipment for VR can be provided as I don't currently have access now)/Any game genre or style. I am comfortable programming but I also have some skills in 3D modelling, sculpting, animation, and I even have some in Audio Design that I am still learning and growing. If you are interested in me joining a project, discussing pricing, role, etc., feel free to contact me anytime on this platform or send me an email at alexis.stahnke@protonmail.com.

Some of my work can be found below:
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexis-stahnke-93a6a111a/
Portfolio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/179YrFkGEXrkzuOmBRrtvg6vH77Wcx2AU/view?usp=sharing
Itch IO: https://lightprincess98.itch.io/
Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/@Lightprincess98

Hoping to hear from you anytime.
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