Need 3d modelling freelancer to create pre-rendered 2d assets for a puzzle-game.

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I need +- 16-off 2d pre-rendered sprite/icons assets.

I need 16-off game pieces/puck sprites for my game. These "pucks" stacks one on top of the other on a board. You can then knock these "pucks" off their stack.
My game is based off of a Japanese video game called "Dharma Doujou". You can take a look at that game to understand what I mean.
These 2d game sprites must be rendered from 3d models. It must have a very polished look to them (similar to Candy Crush).
I also prefer you do the modelling and rendering in Blender (but this is not a requirement).

File attachments:
* I've included example pucks that you should use as a reference to model from ( The deliver assets must have the same aspect ratio as these pngs.

* I have also included some ideas of what might make good original pucks/block (

My initial though is that we remake "Doujou Dharma"'s pucks and use that to capture the color, lighting, and form we want. once we have the look, then we alter/create new original pucks. This is just an idea. We will talk and decide on the best way forward, that also complements the modeler's workflow and process.

If you are interested in this job, please get in touch with me and send following details:
1. A small summary of your experience in 3d modelling and rendering.
1. Your expected hourly_rate or flat_rate for your services in making these assets.
2. Link to a portfolio/showreel/modelling rendering examples.

If there is any questions you have, please don't hesitate to ask. My email is Also whatsapp me on 0730939520.

This is a real job and the project is sufficiently funded. I am easy to deal with, and I hope we can make good art together.

Ed Engelbrecht,
Betafisch Pty Ltd

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