[Prototype] The Jurist, Prudence

Hey team,

So the team and I have been working on a small prototype these past 3 weeks. It is for a visual novel called "The Jurist, Prudence" where you play a judge in a fantasy world and have to preside over a series of cases.

You can check out the prototype here: https://nickhallsa.itch.io/the-jurist-prudence

Big thing we are looking for at the moment is feedback on playtime. We're hoping to flesh out and release this as a full game and are aiming for 4 hours in the final product, so we'd like to get some idea of how long a single case takes to complete.

But other feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Some interesting additional things:

This is the prototype I mentioned in my AGW talk (available here if you missed it: https://youtu.be/xVHcn9tRnsg )

In the talk I discuss why we decided to go with this particular game and how it fits into our broader company strategy.

Also some stats. We spent 3 weeks making this, it took 358 hours of dev time, and a team of 4 worked on it (1 Producer/writer, 2 Devs, and 1 Artist). It roughly cost us R100k to make.


  • Quick notes (I haven't watched the video):
    • It took me 20 minutes to play.
    • I picked the defendant, even though I morally agreed with the plaintiff, so I liked the interesting ending to that.
    • The text needs copy editing.
    • The text window is too wide. It either needs to be narrower or the font needs to be bigger, to aid in faster reading.
    • If I hadn't seen a screenshot I would have had no idea that you could click on the characters for the lists (and the typewriter, and I wouldn't have realised that the exit banner was an exit button). This needs a mouseover cursor change and possibly some other kind of visual cue. With most visual novelish games I've played (they've been a kind of hybrid of visual novel and pixel adventure games) you don't mouse over the character portraits so for people whose experience is those games the default player behaviour is different to what you anticipate.
    • A few minutes in my notebook's fan kicked into super high gear because of GPU use, which was ~32%, which seems high for what's on screen. I don't have a very happy computer but this usually only happens with games that are processing a lot of 3D movement/objects/visual-perspective calculations.
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