SA "version" of Candy Crush or Minesweeper

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Hello everyone. It's been a while since I last visited you. Previously, I was a freelance writer who ventured into writing narrative for games but found it just a bit beyond me. Since then I changed gears and am now an executive producer for films and series. In one of the series I created and am developing, there is a gadget geek who is into local games. She discovers that both she and the psychotherapist play the same SA game similar to Candy Crush or Minesweeper (albeit for different reasons). Is there such a game that we could possibly use (and thus advertise) in the series? Series is intended for international distribution/streaming. Please, WhatsApp me (0815312730) if you developed such a game or know someone who has. Minimum requirements are that it has to at least have passed beta testing, and must be owned by the developer.


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