Africa Games Week 2020 - Digital (December 3 - 4, 2020)

WHAT: Africa Games Week 2020
WHEN: December 3rd and 4th, 2020
WHERE: Digital (Online event)

This year AFRICA GAMES WEEK has made a decision for all African Game Developers to attend free so please REGISTER FREE.

Please make sure to register through QUICKET at

AFRICA Competition - Nordic Game Discovery Contest
You can also apply for the African leg of the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC). Apply HERE.

The winner of the African leg of the NDGC 2018 (QCF Design - DRAWKANOID) ended up winning the Finals in Malmo and we have high hopes for our 2019 competition winner Unsigned Double Collective with Freja and the False Prophecy for the 2020 Finals this month.

Sponsored by THOSE AWESOME GUYS we are expecting an awesome pitch competition this year which will happen on the 3rd December - 5-7pm with judges.
  • Chris Wulf - Those Awesome Guys
  • Mikka Luotio - XSOLLA
  • Vic Bassey - Games Industry Africa
This year we will be using a Virtual Platform called PINE TOOL which was used at DevCom Germany 2020 and onboarding will start 2 weeks before the event.
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