Meetup 13 October (online, national)

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Join us in the 6th online only MGSA meetup!

After SAGJ we're expecting more participants than our Discord video channels will allow, so we will start the meetup In Zoom before making our way back to Discord for feedback and coffee.

- This event happens monthly (2nd Tuesday of each month)
- is free to attend and
- anyone may speak at the meetup, but let us know either in the discussion here or this event's thread on so that we can co-ordinate it.

Test games! Talk games! Make games!

-casual hangout on Discord beforehand

6:30 in Zoom Room
- Introductions
- Community News
- Talk by @LexAquillia, our resident gamedev lawyer:
The Latest on the FPB Regulations: How bad is it really? (It's really bad)
-Informal chat with @electrov on aspects of their work on Fall Guys.
-switch to Discord for further chatting and game demos where we have multiple video chats that are user controlled

I'm trying to shuffle the normal outline a bit to work with the 40min time limit, please send me feedback on this if you have thoughts too.
No longer an issue, thanks to @Elyaradine for sponsoring us with some zoom pro <3!

Obviously, we're not posting the passcode for the zoom room publically. I'll DM anyone who asks for it, but if this format conitinues we'll keep figuring out ways to deliver this information better.

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