Community Feedback on Doba Dash the 3D racing game.

Please can you guys check our latest project, a 3D racing game about informal waste pickers and our aim with the game is to encourage children and young adults to recycle as well as introduce the world to the informal trash collectors who are the unsung heroes of Climate change in SA. Please check the link below of where to download.

Game link
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    Looks fun! Gonna give it a go. :)

    Edit -
    Cool played it a bit.
    Graphics are cool! Everything fits in nicely. And your message is great. Not sure if picking up trash while racing has an effect? TO push the concept further you could make the trash give you time bonuses. So you win if you're first + you've picked up more trash than anyone else?

    I also found the driving a bit clunky. Think you can bake the game a bit more. I won my first match cause the other drivers got stuck on the sides. I also got stuck a bunch and had to reset to get out of it.
    Maybe smooth out the edges of the track to you don't get stopped but bumped away?

    But legendary effort! Keen to see what you make of this. :)
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