SA Game Jam 2020

I'm super excited about SA Game Jam 2020, which will be taking place from today, Friday 25th Sept, to Sunday 27th Sept.

From Terence on the Discord Server:
Once again, we have R30 000 in prize money up for grabs, but this year will run a little bit differently.

Submissions will take place on the official SAGJ2020 Itch Page but we would really like for all the community and chats to happen right here on the MGSA Discord.

You can find all the rules on the page, or at

In a lead up to the event, they had a couple of workshops, recordings of which are available on the Free Lives Youtube channel:
Fooling with physics in construct:

Your game?Your sounds! Game audio workshop:

Getting Wrapped Up in Twine. Twine 2.0 Workshop:
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  • via Adoné on the discord:

    Hey @SAGJammer!

    The time has come. We're super excited to jam with you all this weekend! Before we jump in, I wanted to go through a couple of FAQs.


    Most certainly! You don't have to make everything from scratch, but you do have to tell us that you've used external assets in your game. Please pay attention to the attribution requirements of a particular asset. Avoiding copyright infringement is YOUR responsibility.

    Best practice here is to credit anyone and everyone that have a hand in making your game a game.


    Once we hit 18:00 tonight, the submission window will open and you'll be able to submit your game via the jam page. I'll be around to help our with any questions on this on Sunday.



    This is a new rule we introduced in 2018, and we think it's a good one. To be eligible for prizes, your team has to give feedback on at least FIVE other games. Please try to go for something a little bit more considered than 'cool game'. Giving feedback is an important part of game development, and we want to encourage everyone to get comfortable with this part of the process.

    We'll give you a week after the jam to go through submissions and give feedback. Your team can split up this task (so if you're five members, you can each give feedback on one game).


    Anything / everything we need to know about you / your team. This includes:

    - 48 hour / 72 hour entry?
    - Category you're participating in (hobbyist, professional, student).
    - Prizes you want to be included / excluded from (for instance, diversity or technical excellence).
    - Did you make the assets yourself?
    - Who's in your team? Tag them!
    - If you're not in / from SA, please let us know.

    That's it for now. Happy jamming, folks!
    Almost Time!
  • Thank you @damousey,
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    Sad that I missed this JAM.
    I didn't hear or see anything about it until the theme was announced and I wasn't anywhere near my PC. :(

    I realized that I was following the SA Game Jam Discord and not the MakeGamesSA Discord.
  • It was mainly promoted on Twitter and - I presume - on Discord, which I do not use; I don't know about other people. I did not like the move away from the MGSA forums. It's fine to run the submission process on itch from a management point of view but I think the communications and feedback hub should have remained here and not moved to Discord.
  • Yeah @watman and @Enthused_Dragon that was an oversight for us who actually look at this enough and did do the jam. I'm not part of the SAGJ organisation but I definitely take some flak for having missed posting here further ahead. I mentioned it at every meetup for months but somehow just didn't think to make a post here about it, I guess I assumed that it had been done by the org, my badish.

  • No hard feelings :D
    I'm at least on the correct discord channel now.

    Will be taking part in the LD47 this weekend to satisfy my JAM craving. ;)
  • I just finished my first Gamejam during Ludum Dare 47. Was awesome and love the challenge and feedback I get from others. I so wish I knew about this one sooner.
    When will the next one be?
    Need to add it to my calendar and get wife and kids out of the house. hehe.
    Will definitely make it my mission to promote this more.
  • The next SA Game Jam will probably be around September next year. The next Global Game Jam is at the end of January but it will be a remote event this time due to the pandemic. (One of the best parts of both SAGJ and GGJ is meeting in person on the day and forming teams and working together for the duration of the weekend.)
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