Fighting Game Project

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Hi :)
Here is concept art of my first two characters.
1582 x 1646 - 506K


  • Cool I like the "stinger" extensions on the left hand character, how long did it take you to draw these?
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  • Hi :) LittleBear.

    Awesome, thanks.

    From initial rough to what you see above, I spent about three days finalizing the left character, an afternoon for rendering and about a day for concept and basic rendering for the right hand character.
  • Here is a character select concept :)
    Sgt Yin1b.png
    2480 x 3508 - 786K
  • Awesome concepts! Keen to see more. :)
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    Hi iamdavidnight :)

    Thanks very much :) This is my next character, called Noray.

    582 x 1242 - 93K
  • Here are my first four characters so far:

    3306 x 1701 - 762K
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    I'm trying out a different theme for the characters. More of a fantasy, dark-fantasy vibe :)

    The image is a re-work of Sergeant Yin, for now called 'Yin'.
    Yin .png
    662 x 1188 - 305K
  • The guy with the stingers looks formidable. I would probably pick the orca (?) guy if it were a fighting game.
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  • I love fighting games, keep it up.
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