Developer needed for turn based strategy game

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I have a detailed spec of a turn based strategy game I would like to develop preferably for apple App Store , and possibly PC.

It is a war game played on a 100x100 hex map, single player with AI included in the spec.

Is this something you would be interested in ?

Many thanks



  • Hi Johan,

    Here's a brief response regarding your post, just so you're not ignored. Here's a section from the Newcomer Frequently Asked Questions:

    I have a great game idea! How do I get it made?

    We are all here because we want to see our ideas come into fruition. Unfortunately, ideas by themselves aren't worth much (if anything). On top of that, everybody has their own awesome ideas that they are working on. This means that unless you have something else to bring to the table, enough to convince people that they should be working on YOUR idea and not their own, you will have to make your own game. Anyone who has followed game development online for any amount of time has seen hundreds of 'projects' pop up where one person with little to no experience, knowledge or funds attempts to assemble a rag-tag band of internet superheroes who will shake the very foundations of modern gaming, with nothing going for them but dreams and the promises of revenue share. These projects all die out after a few weeks as people lose interest or become aware of the scope of what they are attempting.

    Thus, unfortunately, the reality is that you need to do some work on it yourself. Then, then you can show it and try convince others to work on it. Alternatively, you need to be paying the developers to work on the game from the start, rather than offering a share in profits.

    Hope that helped!
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    And, because there's a actually a lot more to it than the bit @Besonance copy pastaed, you should really read the whole FAQ, it's good, promise :)
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  • @JohanNagel emailed me as well, but I thought I'd add the most important part of my reply here:

    What's the purpose of the game and what are the goals of building it? Once we know those, it's much easier for everyone here to help out or give relevant advice :)
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  • Thanks guys, I have completed a full up and running prototype and have a few beta testers getting familiar with the game at this point.

    I am looking for more beta testers and a graphics artist to work on the units in the prototype.

    Have a look at my website

    Development has started to get a version onto the iStore by November this year, but I also want to develop the PC version.

    The prototype is a fully playable game at this point on PC, the UI needs work but the game is playing really well.
  • Is there anything stopping you just putting up a build that people can download and play to give you feedback? I'm pretty certain that the game will change a lot before release, so there's no real reason to worry about "lost sales" when you're not even sure the game is going to get sales in the first place ;)
  • I am currently using dropbox to make the build available, all I need is an email address and then I send the link.

    Is there a better way to make it available ?
  • Why do you need to email a link, when you can just post the link somewhere? :)
  • Posted a download link on my website landing page
  • I'm getting errors. I don't think you can share a ClickOnce deployment via Dropbox, I think either create an MSI install or host the ClickOnce deployment on a web server.
  • Email me if you are having problems DL and I will email you a dropbox invite .
  • Someone NEEDS to support this guy!

    The sheer amount of passion we saw last night from the designer/developer @JohanNagel and the amount of work he's already put in into the game was astounding (He taught himself Visual Basic .NET from books found in your local book store and built the entire game using nothing but Visual Basic .NET and Visual Studio Express)

    A couple of people including myself suggested he look at switching to GameMaker but his problem is he's not a programmer and has exhausted himself on coding.

    The game design is done and looks pretty solid. It just needs someone who can code. Unfortunately my time is too hectic to be able to commit otherwise I would love to work on this project (although @JohanNagel, I might give you a shout to get the design doc so I can see what I can do).
  • We super need that video up, when it's up you guys will know what we're talking about. This guy oozes passion, and the game is super interesting, despite being built with form-logic in visual basic (!!!?). It was amazing. I wish I could help... Though I really think my own beginner developer status won't be too much help, unfortunately.

    Although that sounds like a great idea, if I have a look at the design document I might be able to tell whether I can help or not...
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    (Btw, if he wants it for tablets, I think a lot of in the interface needs to change. Plenty of stuff that's way too small to tap on accurately.)
  • (That's what I was saying to @Rigormortis during the presentation too, it will need an interface overhaul for tablet implementation. And you can probably forget about iPhone, unfortunately :P At least not without a lot of work)
  • I don't think tablet support is the concern right now, first we need to get the game into an appropriate technology and then we can look at graphics. @mattbenic and I had ideas how we could improve the graphics to be more entertaining as well.
  • I have got my hands on Gamemaker, definitely a better option than VS, but has its own nuances and now need to invest serious time to re-code.

    I have started , but following the pres the other day, I am talking to members about doing the work in Unity, at prototype build stage at the moment.

    Thanks to all that have assisted so far, will definitely have this game on all APP stores in the near future!

    Thanks again

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