Submission to the FPB on the new draft regulations

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Hi everyone, as you may have heard, the FPB has put out some draft regulations for us to comment on.

They are bad.

I've prepared a submission on behalf of Make Games and IESA which I have sent through, you can see it attached to this post:


[edited to update the file with new version with some corrections]
FPB Regulations Comments (17082020).pdf


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    Good work!

    My comments:

    While it would be great to define "game festival", would it not be easier to roll it under an existing framework, if it fits well enough? Would the framework for rAge and other expos fit?


    Not being familiar with the law, does the "moral harm" thing already apply to other mediums of film, music, tv, etc? Are horror films illegal?

    including such inane things like “tweets” status
    updates and even messages and emails
    Commas? Should be:
    including such inane things like “tweets”, status
    updates, and even messages and emails
    and further would require foreign companies
    who provide hosting services available in the country
    , this seems entirely unreasonable and
    unenforceable, again resulting in the FPB pre-emptively preventing access to goods and services,
    something it does not, and should not, have the power to do.
    This sentence doesn't seem to end? The bolded part, require foreign companies to... What?
  • No we don't want to be like rAge etc because then we would need to get everything classified in order to exhibit it. Film Festivals can be broadly exempt, and I want that too.

    This classifiable element seems to be unique to games

    Thanks, I'll clean up the text and sentence. It is meant ot read "require foreign companies to register with the FPB"
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  • To be honest the entire document needs copy editing. There are a lot of typos.
  • We, unfortunately, don't have time the document needs to be in by 5pm. I'm giving it another pass then will submit.
  • Thank you so much for doing this @LexAquilla!
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