Looking for an artist to do the cover art for my game in a cartoony style

Hi All

Hope everyone is is safe and keeping well. Not sure where to post this, but I am looking for a artist to do cover art for an upcoming game of mine.
I have gone on freelancer.co,za, but as usual on freelancer I am receiving responses from a lot of artist in India, don't know how legit that is.
I would prefer to keep it local anyway.Makes it easier to pay as I can just do an FTE.
Can anyone recommend someone or anyone here that is willing to assist for a reasonable price?

Please let me know then I can maybe share a mail with screenshots and an explanation on what I am looking for?

Thx in advance


  • Hey how's it going if you're still looking for an artist? I'm a local game artist from the Jozi area, you can contact me at zefcookie@gmail.com, then I can share my portfolio with you and we can go from there.

    Kind Regards, River
  • I would suggest giving a brief explanation here as to what you are looking for as different artists specialise in different things (styles and techniques, character types and character design, concept art and landscapes...). A lot of South African comics creators, who are also illustrators, follow me and/or brainwavez.org on Twitter and I can tweet it into view for them but they would need to know if what they specialise in is suitable for what you are looking for.
  • Ok, I see the title says "cartoony" but do you mean manga/anime or Western because those are completely different. There are people who follow me who are suitable for one or the other style.
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