[Event] *SA* meetup - 11 August (online)

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We've moved our meetup completely to the MGSA Discord, please get in touch with me via any means (leave message here, DM me, Twitter, whatever), and I'll get you a Discord invite link. If you don't have Discord, you can get it here, it's great :)


Call for content:

If you want to show anything or give any talk, let me know and we'll set it up.

- This event happens monthly (2nd Tuesday of each month)
- is free to attend and
- anyone may speak at the meetup - just comment in the thread below to let us know!

Test games! Talk games! Make games!

When: 17:30 until around 20:30, second Tuesday of each month.
Where: Online - on the MGSA Discord.


- 5:30 - 6:00 Hang out, no food, or if you want food, turn your mic off ;)
- Introductions
- Community News (5 min)


- Talk slot 1 (15 min)
- Talk slot 2 (15 min)


- Demo Slot 1 (10 min)
- Demo Slot 2 (10 min)


- Discussion Slot


- Playtest Pitchathon (if you're playtesting a game, we ask that you give a 30 second pitch to the room about what the game is, before we all break off and play things).

Bring your games and set them up inside the auditorium before and after the meetup! (No auditorium but we'll let people setup screenshare and show what they're working on)

Board game prototypes can and will be played so bring along your prototypes! (Still possible but probably really annoyingly difficult :p We can do Tabletop Simulator if you want to set that up... I've been playing a ton of Tabletop Simulator from home lately!)

If you intend to attend, please indicate so on the Facebook event (Not mandatory, so don't worry if you don't have/use Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/events/301925114383362/


If you are interested in giving a talk or demo for a meetup, drop a reply in the thread with what you'd like to do or send me a PM :)

Feel free to ping me for any questions.

See ya'll there!


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    I've taken a couple of days off of work, which means I've got time to prep a talk for next week. If there's something in particular that anyone would be interested in hearing me talk about, let me know! (Main points of interest, I suppose, are art, technical art, creativity/jamming, or a decade of working in games, including mobile, indie and AAA.)

    With lockdown and whatnot, I'm a bit out of touch with what peoples' general interests are, and if there are enough newer members coming to the online meetups to warrant re-doing (and updating) talks that I've done in the past, years ago.

    [edit] Unless someone would like to see something else, I'll likely be doing a talk about making game fx.
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