Case Study 2 - Core mechanic and how to expand on it.

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When lacking the experience of game design. After the first Case Study Game Juice/Feel. That I think I didn’t do too bad in. I think...
Thanks to @konman to ask me to try a second Case study.

Case Study 2. Core mechanic", sub-titled: Finding a basic (unique?) core mechanic, then finding interesting ways to expand upon it as the game progresses.
His words made me think.

“Core mechanics are the players actions, but also how the game responds to those actions.
"Collect" and "Build" are core mechanic examples. Core mechanics might be related, and it is always cool when they can interact and change one another in interesting ways to keep things interesting.” --KONMAN

Lets Start Basic. Very Basic... Then I will try to expand on it as I go along, and you guys throw some feedback my way.

Basic Goal V1.
Destroy enemies in Battle.
How: By playing cards in hand to gain ATK, health and Defence points while avoiding traps along the way. Then attacking before being attacked.

"Play Cards in Hand"

Why: Let player move closer to enemy
Why: To collect ATK, Health and Defence Points.
Limited cards on screen per turn.
New cards get drawn when hand is Empty


What: Use Rush attack at any time to damage enemies according to ATK points.
What: Reach Critical attack slot for a chance of double damage
How: By Reaching Critical attack slot or choosing to rush your current attack run.

What: Player lands on trap, a card gets penalized.
Why: To challenge player to play cards in a specific style
Why: Force the player to rush attack and not go for the critical attack to skip the penalty in hand.
How: Random slots in path get chosen after every successful attack by the player.

So not focusing on graphics an making it as fast as possible. Excuse if there is bugs and it is not balanced.

The Link to try it out.

Some screenshot


Now it on on How to expand this simple Idea!


  • Had a quick thing about this.
    This whole battle can be a smaller mechanic for a bigger mechanic???? Does that even make sense.

    What about a random generated dungeon you need travel in. Almost generated like The Binding of Isaac.
    Enter the room and fight a monster. Get rewards , choose a Door to travel to until you meet the boss.

    Have to think more about this. But it might work.
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    Well for one thing I have never done prototyping this fast with my limited time I have.

    Added the following.

    Random Dungeon to Explore.
    Minimap added to plan your path to the boss
    Boss at the end on the Dungeon.
    Beat the enemy and choose a travel Direction.

    Please let me know what you guys think. Ideas are Welcome.



    Same Link Updated build.
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    Quick Update.
    Added trap type. Spikes( Sword Icon Now to hurt player. Poison last 3 turn.
    Card reduced to 2 to choose from and then gets replaced.
    Added a move estimator where player will stop when playing a card.


    Update build to play
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