South Africa highlighted on the GameDev Show, tonight 7pm

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Tonight‘s GameDev Show is going to be a blast – join us on our virtual trip to South Africa and give a warm welcome to our guests of the evening: Nick Hall, CEO of Interactive Entertainment South Africa & Chairperson of Make Games South Africa and Estelle Makhoba, Indie Game Developer and Engineer at Naletsana will be opening the show tonight!
Next up: Thorsten Wiedemann (Founder and Director of A MAZE.), Limpho Moeti (former Deputy Festival Director of Playtopia, Producer and Bizdev at Nyamakop) & Ben Rausch (Programme Director of Playtopia, organizer of Super Friendship Arcade Arcade and creative supermind) will join the show and give us an even deeper insight into South Africa’s games scene!
Last but not least, give it up for David Brevik! The co-founder, ex-president of Blizzard North and godfather of Diablo is joining our show – don’t miss it!
Be there or be square – tune in at 7pm CET at !!!
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