Game Jam+ 2020 - Africa

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Second year Africa will be participating in Game Jam+, we would like more cities to participate this year. If you are interested in participating this year, get in contact with us, @ladyinblack (Ronica), Durban's regional organizer or @TutaLeKido (Tutaleni), Windhoek's regional organizer, and let us know which city you will be representing.

What is Game Jam + about?
  • Form a team and create your game project in 48 hours with the help of experienced mentors.
  • The winners of each city will go through an online acceleration while being mentored by experienced developers around the world.
  • A great international final with the finalist teams will reveal the chosen winners.
This game jam has four stages:
  • Stage 1 - Local game jam (September 11 to 13, 2020)
  • Stage 2 - Final Team Acceleration (October and November 2020)
  • Stage 3 - Continental Semifinals (December 2020)
  • Stage 4 - The Grand Finale (January 2021)
How does GameJam+ works?
First stage starts as any game jam where all participants will gather at the registered places, propose ideas, form teams and will have 48 hours to develop a prototype of the game and make the pitch (a short and direct presentation) about their project. At the end of this stage, each team will present their game to a panel of judges, simulating a pitch for investors or a publisher. It is worth mentioning the importance of good marketing and business planning, as they will have a relevant weight in the evaluation of the presentation. With that, we will have defined the first winning team of each regional. The second winning team will be defined at the discretion of the local organization.

* Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, this stage can be performed online. This will be at the discretion of the local organization.

Second stage is focused on enabling teams to improve their projects until the Final. Each team will receive access to two means of training: targeted mentoring and online workshops. It is important to note that targeted mentoring is a benefit that is exclusive to the finalist of the 1st stage. In it, we will connect participants to renowned industry professionals. The online workshops will work both for the finalists and for the other participants registered in the first stage, with some of them being exclusive to the finalists.

Third stage will feature a large continental semifinal, where the winners of the 1st stage will undergo an evaluation and the grand finalists from each continent will be selected for the super final in Sao Paulo in January 2021.

Fourth stage is the moment when the finalists and organizers meet in person in the city of Sao Paulo, in order to define and celebrate the big winners. This stage will provide unique moments of networking, exchanges of experience and of course, many games. In addition to the awards in the main and extra categories, games can earn specific achievements. To know more about how last year's finals was, have a chat with @TutaLeKido.

More information to follow in the coming weeks.

We will also be locally hosting online game dev/design workshops for those interested and want to participate but still in their learning phase. Communicate with either myself @ladyinblack or @TutaLeKido by messaging us privately or email me at
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  • I think it would be great to share examples of what the outcomes were locally of last year's game jam+, do you have any stories and results that you can share with us?
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    Here are some of the pics from Durban's team. Starting up a game jam in Durban was not so easy, only had one team, so we competed with the one team from Cape Town and the possible two teams from Windhoek, so we combined our jam as one country. We had our four judges with insights and advice of their own to the team. Rory Belton, a fellow game developer; Amira Abbas and her colleague; as well as Adrian Pillay recruitment specialist at ProAppoint.

  • Thanks for the info @ladyinblack, your images don't seem to be showing, I see them as broken links?

    What were the outcomes in terms of the mentorships, training, and such as outlined in the description of GJ+ that you have here?
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    The mentorship and training mentioned above, would have been online from Brazil's organizers. However, months prior to Durban's game jam, I've been hosting a few design and development workshops, this we've agreed after yesterday's meeting to do this again, which will still be mentioned soon.

    I've never uploaded images here before, will work on fixing that later today.
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  • Hi there,
    Only have an idea at this stage, looking for a team to share it with.
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    Jinny said:
    Hi there,
    Only have an idea at this stage, looking for a team to share it with.
    Sorry about the delay in responding, have been offline for quite a while and busy with game dev training workshops.
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