I tried Unity 2017....

Hi about a week ago I was trying to learn unity. This is how far I got. The character was made in blender but his shorts got lost somewhere when I exported fbx. Anyways the hard drive I installed unity to, crashed shortly after this. Cyclic redundancy error......so I didnt install unity 2017 again......:(

Then I tried doing a realistic house rendering, but my knowledge of shaders and camera effects and rendering is quite limited.....:(
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  • Everyone starts somewhere with every new thing :) After that Unreal demo I'm thinking one day I might have to go have a peek there too at some point, damn it'll be a pain in the butt, but it might be worth it...

    In any case, cool start :) So are you looking for some feedback?

    Why are you using 2017, by the way, when everything up to 2020 is free on their site?
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  • Hi Tuism. Some feedback would be great. Yes unreal engine is just too much now, no more normal maps?! Come on ! I just learned normal mapping two seconds ago!!

    I had the very last issue of NAG , so I installed it from there. I tried downloading 2018 but cell c chowed my data.....:/
  • Oh I see, yeah Unity installs are pretty big. Probably a few gigs, I'm not even sure how big.

    As for feedback, really just it looks pretty much fine, you should define for yourself what you're trying to do, and work towards that. That's all, looks fine, but since I don't know what you're aiming for there's nothing to evaluate against.
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    There are some great Unity channels on YouTube worth going through: There are plenty of others as well
  • Hi there guys. I went through some stuff from Brakery....he seemed to have stuff in unity 2017. Anyways , I will wait for a new hard drive before going at this unity stuff again. But yeah. It was fun
    , for the short time I introduced myself to unity. And yay!! You dont have to program every single thing you add to the unity project , like objects connected to rigid bodies!! I think the components part of things works really nicely. But yeah....I will see unity again soon.....
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