Any Pixel artists and composers out there ?

Hay everyone I'm thinking of join the 1 month Metrovania Game Jam but need a ln artist and composer to help out is anyone keep to join? I'm a terrible programmer with a great personality lol I'm sure it could be fun.... lemme know :)

No pressure just to have fun and learn from the experience and to grow in the field.

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  • Hi Brad.

    I am a 2d artist and hobbyist programmer in Game Maker Studio 2. Here are some animations I've done in Aseprite:


    This one I made in Krita:

    I'd be interested in the Game Jam, hope to hear from you soon :)
    400 x 400 - 39K
    400 x 400 - 64K
    286 x 299 - 131K
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    Hay Jurgen these look great! Ty you so much for showing interest il drop you a DM so we can chat a bit :)
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  • Hi . Thanx :) You are welcome, looking forward to it.
  • I'm a hobbyist composer. I've never composed any chiptune, though, which I presume is the kind of style/genre you would want if you are looking for pixel art but I've been wanting to dabble and this would be a good project to push me.
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