Splitghost - Prelude

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Hi there! I'm an indie game developer from Pretoria. I just finished my first game called Splitghost - Prelude.

Splitghost is a 2D story-driven RPG set in the near future. It was built using RPG Maker MV and features an original story, cast of characters with interlinking narratives, and 1 optional side quest. This game is intended as a prelude to the full game which will be released once I have more time to pour into the project. (current playtime: ~2hrs).

I would love to hear your thoughts & suggestions.

Currently downloadable for PC (Android + Mac coming soon):

You can also follow development here:

T - https://twitter.com/nightshopgames
IG - https://www.instagram.com/nightshopgames/

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  • Played it a bit. I'm not a fan of reading too much in games anymore so couldn't play for too long.
    But enjoyed the story so far. Interesting premise.

    Is the pixel art yours or does it come from the RPG Maker engine?
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  • This was very cool. Awesome to see someone use the RPG maker so effectively. Well done. I'll be following the progress of the full game.
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  • Is the pixel art yours or does it come from the RPG Maker engine?
    Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed the story. A lot of the maps use engine assets, some are custom/generated, some are open source from the RPGMMV community. Game art was designed by Federico Dalman.

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