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Sam and I entered a jam on the weekend called score space.

The premise of the jam is that its a pairing between streamers and developers. Developers make the games over the weekend, then the streamers play the winning 3 games.

Feedback would be rad:)

The Game


Sam - https://vfqd.itch.io/



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    Digging the pixel art! Did you draw it yourself?

    My only grip with the game is not having a quick exit button to quit the game. Had to windows key and close it in the taskbar.
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  • Hey David,
    Thanks Yea everything is made by us, I think I might of downloaded the blood sprite from somewhere but that's all.
    I added an exit button in the inventory/quest screen this afternoon :), also fixed some bugs with the mouse cursor leaving the game window.
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    It's so ugly... those demon tentacles, I like it a lot. Getting a strong "Devil Daggers/Doom Eternal" vibe in the short time I've played it, which is a good thing. Isometric (or is it?) bullet hell with eye popping aesthetic and leader-boards? This was made over a weekend? Whaaaaaaaa! Only thing I disliked a tiny bit was the font which seems understated compared to the rest of the art. Amazing work! :D
  • Oooo, I had fun with this.

    Here's what's in my head after playing a few runs:

    - Like others I also enjoyed the visual style right away. I'm particularly fond of the blood splats, something about the shadows on them looks so cool.
    - The multiplier cooldown on lack of kills feels like a really nice touch. Feels like it gives this a few meaningful styles to play.
    - Skating on the fireboots feels really good. Dancing in a fig 8 to keep multiplier up is awesome.
    - Visually, there's something really eerier about enemies appearing out of the red edges once you've been hurt. Love it.
    - I kept feeling like I wanted some clearer indication of health. It feels like there is indication right now with the edges and/or darkness but health is so vital that I kept wanting a concrete reading on it.
    - Speaking of health, if I start a run and take a bit of damage early on, it feels like a big penalty and there's temptation to restart / not commit to the run. I wondered if it's worth gently healing the player if they haven't taken damage after some time. Curious if this was a consideration at all?
    - I thought it might be interesting to have weak spots on some beasts. That would give me more meaningful choices with positioning and timing.
    - Performance-wise it feels like there's something strange that happens as the "you died" text shows up, things kinda grind to a halt there. Maybe it's just my laptop.

    Wicked jam guys, it looks like this is getting the love it deserves on itch :)
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