I had a few hours to throw something together for this round of PROTOSHI. I promised @Pierre I'd do something for the First Person part of the jam.

I present Out Of Reach: an FPS where shooting a teleport projectile is your only form of movement. 9 levels for you to speedrun. Music supplied by my synthwave band: https://sourcecontrol.bandcamp.com/releases

Itch link
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  • Great job. Thanks for participating!
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    Awesome prototype! Quite a fun game. Easy controls but challenging game play.
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  • I really like that this took one mechanic and explored it.

    Took me a while for realise that I could left-click to instantly trigger a teleport (instead of just waiting for my ball to land) or right-click to cancel. I know there's info text explaining it ... but it didn't click (oh dear) for me immediately. Once I got that, the game opened up.

    Found that I was often tempted to adjust my position slightly by using WASD so it was cool to be constrained to think more creatively about movement in a first person game.
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    Took a while to understand and get used to, but overall it is very good. After the 3rd level, I managed to get the hang of it and fly by the rest. Can see this being expanded upon with more levels and unique worlds and such. Music was also cool. Well Done!

    Edit: I don't see it in the subissions section of the itch.io game jam page. Just a heads up.
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    With all submissions complete, I can deliver my comments now.
    Winners of the competition will be announced on the 5th of May.

    I really appreciate the time you took to participate. Your entry was a good one!
    It is a very balanced entry with elements that are equally implemented in all regards.
    As such I can clearly see the well known experience that you have put behind this.
    Thank you for your participation!
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  • There's now a web build for anyone that wants to play it on Mac.
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