[#PROTOSHI] 4 ADVANCED - Bob and the Cheeky Coin


Short Description:
A 3D puzzle platformer following Bob on his journey to attain the cheeky coin!

Game Link:

This game was narrated by my brother, Steven Ward. He's an SA actor, model, voice actor that's known around the acting community.
If you like his delivery and would like him to do voices for your games, check him out on Instagram!

W A S D - Move
Spacebar - Jump
LMB (Left mouse button) - Make a box
RMB (Right mouse button) - Shoot a flare



  • Additional:

    Created the First Person character controller from scratch. The only issue in the game right now is the the player rubbing up against edges.
    ​A way to get around this is to make sure to jump before the edge.
  • Got some video play through's of my game! Check it out. Enjoying the energy of these two.

    FluffeyPanda's World:


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  • This was wicked!

    I thought the use of verticality in the level design was smart and made me feel like I was constantly making progress. I was pretty motivated to keep playing and see what the next power-up was and hear the next line of narration. The jump pads were a really nice touch to help get back to "checkpoints" ... pity I only figured them out after redoing some routes multiple times :P

    The dark part was a bit frustrating for me... I figured there would be a helpful light-esque power up but it took me ages to find. Maybe I'm particularly dzzy.

    Really cool to see those playthough vids too, this deserves the attention. I think you did an awesome job at creating a full and charming experience within the jam.
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    Thanks Ash!
    It's just a little hard to see the light flare power up in the dark but the purple arrows on the wall were pointing up to it.
    Should of made that more clear lol.
    Thanks for your comment!
  • Made it to the 2nd room where you get the double jump, then I ended up clipping through the wall and started falling XD
    Going to do another run from the start. I really like the production value and atmosphere this game has, the voice overs from your brother really help with this. It is a really cool game. Well Done!
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  • Haha I didn't know that was possible.. XD

    Are you experiencing frame-rate drops?
  • Really great job. Solid narration, music and VFX. One bit of constructive criticism is that when I played it I kept getting stuck on the edges. But when I watched the one video this seemed like less of a problem. I think it can be mitigated with the typical platformer design of having the collision geometry be slightly different to the visual geometry, i.e. slightly bigger colliders than visuals for the platforms.

    Really excellent work.
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  • Shots ProjectX!

    I built the character controller from scratch and couldn't figure out how to fix that. When I get back into 3D I'm hoping unity has output there new Basic elements package.

    Thanks again for the props!
  • @iamdavidnight check out the new official Unity Standard Assets Characters for better controllers. https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/Standard-Assets-Characters

    Be advised, it is in BETA and quite heavy handed, as it's using the experimental input system and probably some out of date version of Cinemachine. I last worked on it about a year and a half ago so that's my disclaimer.

    One thing I can say is that it has an open source version of the unity CharacterController, which we rewrote from scratch in C#. It's called the OpenCharacterController and the aim was to address a lot of the short comings of the current CharacterController component.
  • Thanks @ProjectX! Will look into it when I make another 3D game.
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