[#PROTOSHI] 3 Beginner - Ghost in the Box

Just adding this to the game jam/prototype challenge. It's far from finished, but thought I'd post it. I like the prototype concept of the jam. It's a nice way to test ideas, concepts, and mechanics, as well as managing scope and time constraints.

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  • Welcome to the jam.
    Well done in submitting to the jam.
    if you'd like to try again then the new theme for the 4th and final week is up and running...

    I see your upload is quite large.
    While it downloads... I'm just curious. Which engine did you use to make your game?
  • Hi Pierre,
    Thanks. I mainly work in Unreal Engine. The files do tend to be quite large.
    The game is quite basic/in early stage prototyping. Aiming to get a lot more done for the final week, during #quarantine!
    Thanked by 1Pierre
  • Epic man. Cool to see what Unreal can do.

    Wish I could reach the city int he distance though. Ran all the way there to find a wall I couldn't get over. XD
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    With all submissions complete, I can deliver my comments now.
    Winners of the competition will be announced on the 5th of May.

    I would have liked to see more submissions for the other weeks as well.
    But I understand that time is limited and we have bigger problems to worry about these days.
    Thank you for participating.
    It is clear that your prototype lacks completion. But I think it is great that you took an opportunity to learn and gain experience. I can see that there was a lot of sandbox testing going on. I hope to see more of your dev efforts in the future.
  • It looks very cool. Just curious, did you make the model or was it an asset from Epic or something? The game size was pretty big, it look good with the shaders and material effects.I managed to walk from the one end of the map to other, stopped after I reached the blue sphere. I see some potential in this, so I look forward to seeing this be expanded upon, Well Done!
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