[#PROTOSHI] 3 ADVANCED - Soul Searcher


A short simple game about searching for Souls.


Thanked by 2Pierre VMASTER


  • Damn. Nice Time management!
    Thanked by 1iamdavidnight
  • Took me a while, but I managed to get all 6.
    Time Left: 6:19
    The one thing that works really well here is the atmosphere and the environment that is created. Using various tools from Unity's toolbox, you managed to create a world that feels alive. Well Done!
    Thanked by 1iamdavidnight
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    @iamdavidnight ooo, this felt cool. Agreed with @VMASTER on creating something that feels alive. The flame-y / fire-y sounds when near some orbs added a lot for me.

    I gave this a few tries but haven't found all 6 souls yet. I grabbed 4 but fell off ledges a few times and restarting from the beginning felt pretty harsh.

    Edit: Found them! :)
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