[#PROTOSHI] 3 Advanced Snow Boarding

My entry for this week is very much only a mechanics prototype.
I managed to get the racing ghost implemented which was my main objective however I'm not fully happy with how juttery it is, likely due to not interpolating the position.
I was only able to create one extremely barebones "track" so there isn't all that much "game" feel free to race against yourself or put up your best times, if you want to race against others you just need to take their playerGhost.dat (found in the base directory) and place it in your base directory. I haven't implemented multiple ghosts or importing other player ghosts properly (one of the features I hoped to get to)
If I come back to this prototype (which I hope to do at some point, I definitely want to work on enabling sharing ghosts for a better "Racing" experience)

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    I love the idea and the use of the theme. As a suggestion for the "juttery" ghost, I'd say add in some Motion Blur from the Post Processing Package. Otherwise, it looks very good and came out quite well. I like the character model and wouldn't mind seeing an animated version of it in the future.
    Well Done!
  • Cool!

    I couldn't get below 17.05 seconds fora run though :'(
  • Enjoyed the concept. Would be more epic if there were different ramps to jump off with gaps. Maybe a loop?
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