Virtual National Arts Festival

This year we go digital – 2020 sees our first-ever big bold step into a virtual National Arts Festival.

We are inviting all artists, producers and anyone else whose imagination we’ve sparked to tell us how they could be part of Virtual NAF2020.

Fill in the online form and share with us:

Details about your existing digital work; or
Ideas about how you may reimagine an existing work, part thereof, or artistic content; or
A new artistic idea for a digital space.

If a work is selected for presentation on the Virtual NAF platform, we will be in contact to initiate discussions about producing and/or presenting work on our channels.

Online Ideas form:
Queries? Email


  • @Lauren I've gone through the form and couldn't figure out what the "virtual NAF platform" will be? Is it a website? A VR event? A youtube channel?

    On the one hand, yes be imaginative and don't be limited by media, but on the other hand, limitations and specificity often breed the best work. Should I ask this question at the email address rather?
  • Hi Tuism,
    We are in the process of developing the specifics as ideas and proposals come in. At the moment we are looking at TV and Website (pre-recorded, static, live and interactive elements) as our main platforms, but are open to discussion
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