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Stupid Bullet Time initially started as a top-down shooter where the player would have 5 seconds of bullet time to use for every level. The main idea was to build combat puzzles based off very limited resources. The limited resources idea evolved into a 5 shot pistol with the ability to recall bullets back to the player, but with a 5-second cooldown before a bullet can be recalled.

Unfortunately, I only got as far as implementing the bullet recall mechanism so at present there aren't any enemies to fight. The game controls are as follows:
* Move: WASD and the arrow keys
* Look/Aim: Use mouse to have the character aim in the same direction as the mouse position
* Shoot: Left Mouse button
* Recall: Recall bullets lodged in the wall

The player has a total of 5 bullets available, but once a bullet is lodged in a wall it can be recalled back to the player.

Details on tech used:
Unity 2020 beta
The Data-Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS)
Unity's preview stateless physics engine that's also DOTS compatible
Universal Rendering Pipeline
Unity's New Input System

The main motivation was to just take on a 3D project on my own. All previous attempts had been made as part of a team effort where I tend to focus more on the programming side. I tried focusing on building on a small prototyping level to flesh out each mechanic as I go. While I over-scoped my project by way too much, I did also have some motivation issues to just sit down and work a little on the project. Overall though I've fallen in love with ProBuilder as a white-boxing tool and I've also become a whole lot more comfortable figuring out the necessary 3D math to make what I want to do work.

PS. This is an incomplete prototype, submitted late and there is nothing that could relate to any of the themes required.
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  • Any chance you might upload a windows ZIP file instead...
    (My machine is still very standard and "fresh", so I don't want to install 3rd party software such as 7Zip unless absolutely necessary :)
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  • Apologies. I was in a rush to upload so used whatever got me the highest compression ratio. I'll make sure to upload a zip tomorrow.
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  • @Pierre I've added a zip upload as well now :)
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  • It's cool Prototype. I love the recall feature. Only problem I have is that the movement is a little bit too fast. Otherwise, it's a good start to something potentially greater. Good luck and well done!
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    With all submissions complete, I can deliver my comments now.
    Winners of the competition will be announced on the 5th of May.

    This was your only entry into #PROTOSHI? I would have liked to see more.
    It is true that your entry lacks completion, and it steered away from the theme...
    But it shines with an original prototype idea for bullets. Particularly the notion that a bullet coming back, becomes a new dangerous projectile and can be used in an offensive manner.
    I would like to see you build a complete game using this idea.
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    Thanks for the feedback @Pierre. I really wish I could've done more, but the motivation to sit down in the same space my butt has been parked for during the last two weeks while working on a tight due date for work I just haven't found the motivation to spend more time looking at code during the evenings.

    I'm really happy with how this prototype had turned out and I was busy doing research on adding AI to the game during the last few hours, but decided to rather figure out how to get a build up and running. I'm putting this on my list of gameplay concepts and will definitely revisit it if I can find a story or some accompanying concept to make it a bit more fun.

    I chose to mark my entry as a beginner entry purely because I have a lack of finished games under my belt. While my day job means I'm an expert programmer I have learned that programming just isn't enough and I do need to spend more time making stuff. Heck, there's a lot of skills developed for programming enterprise systems that just doesn't translate into applicable skills for game programming. If this prototype does see the light of day it will most likely be under the design guidance of someone else that could hopefully use the tools I'd built to make a fun game out of it.

    I learned a lot from building the prototype even if the skills might not directly correlate to making more games more regularly. I hope they at least translate into figuring out how to better develop tools to enable someone else to make more games. Once my play space isn't my workspace anymore I'll try and spend some time making more stuff, but for now I'm sick of dealing with badly written code for work and I don't want to deal with badly written code after work as well.
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