[#PROTOSHI] 1 ADVANCED 5 Seconds to Mars


With a limited amount of fuel and power, can you successfully pilot your spacecraft back to the safety of Mars. Your crew is rooting for you!



Use A and D keys to rotate your spacecraft.

Use W key to apply forward thrust.

Toggle the navigation display with S. Follow the blue arrow to Mars.

Toggle shields with E. Shields will use a lot of power. Be careful!

Cycle thru your weapons with Q. You have a laser burst, high speed cannon and missiles.

Use either Spacebar, Left Mouse or Right Mouse to shoot.

Zoom in and out with + and - , or mouse wheel.

Press ENTER at any time to restart your run.

Press escape to pause the game.

Shields, navigation and firing weapons will use power! Keep that in mind as without power all these systems will go offline.

99.9% of the art, music and sound effects assets were sourced from opengameart.org. Thank you to all the artists there for there unknowing contribution to the project.

I had a hell of a good time making this. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Have fun!

Engine: GM:S 1.4
960 x 540 - 461K
960 x 540 - 267K
1920 x 1080 - 418K


  • I like the concept and integration with the many different art assets and sound effects. Physics and movement of the ship take a while to get used to, but its based on how much thrust/fuel you have. The "Klingons" did become a bit annoying XD. Also cool to see a Game Maker game. Well done!
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    With all submissions complete, I can deliver my comments now.
    Winners of the competition will be announced on the 5th of May.

    This was your only #PROTOSHI submission right? I would have like to see more!
    This was a nice entry though. The element that stood out most was it's level of completion and the originality.
    I would have liked a bit more control and ability, to avoid obstacles and enemies, and the spinning made it almost impossible to recover in time. In the end I was unable to reach Mars, but I certainly tried a lot.
  • Hi Pierre,

    Thank you so much for hosting this, I know it takes a ton of time and effort to organize a jam like this one and I really want to convey my gratitude. This was the first game jam I've entered and honestly at the start I had some serious doubts about being able to make anything at all! But in the end it really boosted my confidence in my own abilities and has opened a floodgate of inspiration and ideas for me.
    I do apologize for not submitting more. I did start a couple more prototypes but the second week of the jam I came down with a pretty nasty flu, and with everything going on it really freaked me out. I just couldn't focus enough to complete anything. I did manage to start building a quirky little side-view boxing game that should show its face here sometime in the future. As for the last two weeks I just don't have the experience with 3D engines at the moment. I did make a first-person shooter last week in UE4 but the end result was just an amalgamation of various tutorials and had nothing original to it. Also, it doesn't feel like it was made by me so I didn't feel comfortable submitting it. That said, I've become a bit obsessed now with learning how to use the engine. Fortunately one of my favorite games Insurgency: Sandstorm just released it's mod kit for UE4 and I'm absolutely loving picking through it! I may have to upgrade my rig though before I can really start working with it, poor thing isn't used to the stress of working with the engine.
    Thanks for the feedback on the game itself! I did intentionally make the game a tad difficult, but it was definitely an error to allow for so much spin. It is a lot more fun with more control of the spacecraft (and more than 5 seconds of thrust!). I am a bit of an old gamer now, having grown up playing on Atari, Nintendo and Super Nintendo, and I tend to enjoy the level of difficulty and the sense of achievement you get from beating those games (I still obsess about some top down tank game on the first Nintendo that I just couldn't bloody beat!). Nowadays I find that games like They are Billions, Oxygen not Included, and Insurgency Sandstorm succeed in giving me that same enjoyment. I hope to eventually figure out that balance between difficulty and fun/reward in my own games. Right now they're mostly just difficult, but I'm getting better I think.

    Thanks again, and respect to everybody that participated. I had a lot of fun playing thru all the games!

    Thanked by 1Pierre
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