The Late Night Arcade - 7 March 2020 (Indie Exhibitors Wanted, too)

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Ahoy game-community legends!

I really enjoyed the last Late Night Arcade last year, and I'm in this year.
Here are the deets...

When: 7 March, 17:00 till late
Where: The Mustang Room, Krammerville
Why: fun and hanging out with like-minded nerds

The organizers are also calling on any indie developers and designers to share their work at the next event. (Three free tickets go to all exhibitors.) I suggest booping them a lil message here on facebook or insta if you're keen to show off a cool project or if you wanna beta-test something on a whole mix of casual and hard-core gamers: //
116 x 65 - 25K


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  • Would like to exhibit, I have a project that is not public as yet would be cool show it at the event
  • Would like to exhibit, I have a project that is not public as yet would be cool show it at the event
    It's this weekend, you better get in touch with them right now if you want any chance of getting it done.
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  • How'd this go? Was anyone able to attend? I'd have loved to go to this!
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    I was at the event and I showed my game , the event was incredible for meeting different kinds of people . What made it even better was my game was among the other well know games running on arcade machines, which is cool and i would recommend for other gaming events to do the same and not have the indie games far out on the corner. I will share some videos and pictures later, crazy thing the only other SA games were Boet fighter and genital jousting I was expecting more indie games, other indie devs I saw there said they did not know about it.So i believe the next one is going to be a local indie spectacle :)
  • @estellebabymama that's great! So you didn't have to show on your own hardware? That's rad! <3
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  • @Tuism yes it was great, They had ground mounted screens that you can connect your device to.
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