12 games in 1 year challange!

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Hey guys I made this for my one game a month challenge to learn Godot Engine, this is the entry for January and if you want to play the full 3 levels here is the link https://indieronin.itch.io/roller and the c# project files here if you want a peek https://github.com/IndieRonin/Roller.git, let me know what you think?

Edit 12-04-2020: Made the resolution 1280x720 and it is now playable in the browser hope you enjoy!


  • I think you are an awesome game developer because...

    1) You're pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and trying a new engine (GoDot).

    2) You're sharing your source code freely like that.

    3) Taking the time to post on MGSA, because it takes time and effort to do that.

    4) Because you participate in Game Jams. Many Game designers/developers don't see the value in that for some reason. They would rather spend years in isolation making a game and then wonder why it fails.

    5) You have managed to commit and complete something unique that YOU have made and seen through to completion. Done.

    I watched the video of your game. I like physics/puzzle games.
    Looks like you have a working prototype that has some fun elements. Is it unique? I don't know. Do you think it is worth spending more time on or maybe park it and take away what you have learnt? That is your decision.

    Excellent job on making this. Much respect. <3
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  • @konman Thanks for the uplifting post I needed it a little tbh, I made the game to learn Godot engine and also to learn the habit of finishing the project that I start, something I noticed allot of aspiring full time game devs including me struggle to do. Thank you once again and hope you check out my Feb release when it hits here.
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  • @LittleBear cool, I tried it out and finished the levels. There's a trick where you can click on obstacles before the start coutdown timer has actually finished. :)

    If possible with Godot, I'd recommend trying web builds for future projects. It's far less friction for people to try (rather than download and extract). I've noticed with my projects that web builds get far more attention.

    It's great that you're committing to learning and sharing small projects. Looking forward to what's next!
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  • @ashashza Thanks for playing the game, nice find on being able to click the platforms while the countdown is running.
    I didn't know Web builds get more attention, I'll put them up from now on, thanks for the incouragement.
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    @LittleBear Finally got to give it a play. I found the game quite chill-laxing. There is a certain sense of serenity when there is visuals and physics at play and very little interaction is required. Flow. Sometimes it is fun to just watch something unfold. I was quite surprised by how enjoyable I found it as there was no need to frantically have to mash buttons and micromanage my actions required to complete levels. Could be cool to time the interaction with the level with musical beats somehow, just spit-balling here. :) Its was almost as if nature and gravity accepted me back into the fold, kinda like sitting on the beach near the ocean and after a few minutes of silence you are accepted back again.
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  • @konman Thanks for playing and the feedback, I appreciate the positive feedback. The musical beat would be a good addition I think but as for now I have no idea how to even start implementing something like that in Godot, I need to learn more!!! Thank you again for your time and feedback!

    I know I have a allot to learn and improve on my game development and for now that is what I'm focusing on. I'm a bit behind for Febs game but it's is almost done. Think I should make a 12 games in a year thread here and post them as they get done otherwise I'm going to clog up the Projects board and displace other peoples projects for no good reason.
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    Guardian - Feb 2020
    Hey guys wow its been a bit more than one month since my last post, my game for February is in a state that I would call it finished for now. I changed the game in the middle of the month from a Resource managing game to a top down shooter, there unforeseen complications for the resource manager game.

    So the game is a top down shooter, the things that I learnt through the project:
    1. Don't lock yourself into place were you dev yourself into a corner when making small projects.
    2. Focus on your core mechanic first the rest can either be skimmed over or skipped if time for release is close.
    3. Release your game even if it is a bit late, releasing is just as big an effort as making the game is as it uses a different tool set than developing your game (working with Itch.io, YouTube, twitter, etc.) and you need to get used to it.
    4. If you can grab free art and sounds for the prototyping stage as place holders.

    Ok that's it from me for now, here is the link to the game and the GitHub repo for those who would like to take a closer look under the hood - Git Repo and the Game

    And a vid for those who just want to watch :) before diving in.

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    Blocko - March 2020
    Hey guys another month gone and another game down. I'm still struggling to put sound in my games to be honest, I leave it to the last and then there is no time for it at the end. I have started creating the sound playback system in this game but just have not finished it.

    I seem to be catching up slowly to my target of starting a new game project the first and then posting it the 30th of that same month lol! My project planning and scheduling is getting better by the month so I'll keep working hard at it.

    Tonight I'm a bit short on time so no lessons learned for this post but here is the game and a short gameplay vid for you guys and as always the link to the git repo. Enjoy and stay safe during these hard times!

    PS. I also moved YouTube channels to my now permanent one and fixed all the broken links in the posts above, subscribe if you want, i know it looks rough right now nut I'm working on it.

    PS. I also updated rollers resolution to 1280x720 and it can now be played in the browser.


    The video:
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  • Hey guys this is going to be a big update, so I have been putting of the game that was supposed to come out in April due to some game breaking bugs. It does seem that I ironed them out now and I have also finished the game for the month of May, so both of them are going up now.
    I have learnt more things about releasing games/prototypes in the last 5 months than I have in almost 13 years of being a hobbyist game developer. Actually finishing and releasing is very important to the process.

    Now if you’re wondering where the game for June is then I have to tell you there is not a game yet, this 12 games in a year challenge and my recent life experiences have changed my current course in life and thus I have decided to take a big step. For now I cannot share to much details but I’m giving it my all and no I’m not making the next Final Fantasy WoW bullet hell mashup with realistic bullet and facial physics! With awesome, juicy screen shake.

    This new project will take 6 months to get to a pre-alpha stage and then I will handle it from there. I hope these two prototypes are fun, as always any comments and thoughts are welcome.

    GitHub: https://github.com/IndieRonin/AutoPrep.git
    Itch: https://indieronin.itch.io/autoprep

    GitHub: https://github.com/IndieRonin/InfectABounce.git
    Itch: https://indieronin.itch.io/infectabounce

    1. Fixed all the broken links and videos, they broke due to me re-branding in preparation for my future plans, more on that in a later post.
    2. Two new games released, see above links and vids.
    3. Stopping the 12 month challenge, due to taking on a bigger project that will take up 6 months, more on that later as well.
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