How many of you are living right around the corner from me and I don't even know it?

Hi all

So I know 98% of all game devs in RSA live in CT or JHB but I'm sure there must be 3 or 4 of you who don't and I was curious how many of you live in Brits / Harties and use UE4. I would love to meet up with locals that don't require an hour's drive to say "Yo, whuzzup?".

I've been a Unity dev since 2007 but want to move over to UE4 so I got myself a bunch of courses and sleep through most of the "Umm..."- and "Okay, let me fix that, just keep watching the screen for 10 minutes while I type this 5 line function"- videos or videos made by ppl with such thick accents that I just can't make out 70% of what they are saying... I would like to meet up with ppl who are UE4 savvy and hopefully start working on games with them.

I've closed down all my stores to focus on contract work and making games but still find it hard to make time for the latter. Still, would be nice to not go it alone. :D Are there any UE4 savvy ppl in the Brits/Harties area? If so, pls get in touch! :D

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