[Permanent Job] Junior to mid C# full stack developer - Unity experience a plus - Stellenbosch

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Hi all!
We are hiring! We are looking for Computer Science graduates to join our team as soon as possible. You should have a passion for AR, VR and gaming related projects, but we also do a lot of full stack development. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, send your CV to info@sozolabs.com
Freelancers are welcome to contact us as well for possible short term projects.
Company: Sozo Labs (Pty) Ltd
Website: www.sozolabs.com
Location: Stellenbosch with remote option.
Position: Junior to mid C# full stack and Unity developer
Requirements: B.SC Computer Science
Salary: 20-40k depending on experience.
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  • 24 years of coding experience, 12 years in Unity... dang it all to heck, no B.Sc... Guess I'll stick to being a freelance dev :P

    I read about a decade ago that most companies care more about portfolio than papers... then read this week that nowadays papers mean more than skill. What a turn of events...:O This position is a perfect example... It is in a field I love (VR/AR), uses the engine I've dedicated a 3rd of my life to and pays what I get right now so this would have been perfect for me... but gosh darn it, I fail the requirements due to the papers..
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