I need some feedback please.

Hi :)

I am currently busy with this image in Krita:


How would one enhance the realism of the image?

Any feedback is welcome.
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  • What is the goal for the image? If you only want to "make it more realistic" then you can google up some references of reptiles and photobash some textures in. If you want to draw and paint it more realistically, then still google up some references and paint textures from them.

    But again, what's your goal for this image? Are you doing concept? Are you aiming for "final art"? Is this for animation? Is "realism" even needed here? Is realistic about having an environment? Is realistic about photorealism, textures and such?

    Define your problem and you can find the solution according to those definitions.
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  • Hi @Tuism.

    The goal for the image is to be as photo-realistic without using photo-bashing. I am aiming to do everything by hand, so to google textures and lighting reference I think is the way to go :) I'd like the image to look like an old photo, so some parts will be in focus, other parts not, like faded over time or over-exposed.

    I've got a cool idea, thanx for the reply :)
  • I made a short video as an update :)

    Double click the video to play.
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  • Hi :)
    Here is the front view of my character:

    I made the mesh in Blender and the rigging and animation was done through Mixamo.

    I chose the camera angle as a test for a third person game.
    I need some advice on texturing please, especially what material setting/s to use for hand painted textures.

    Is there a material maybe using Blender's Principled BSDF shader that is better for hand painting textures.

    The look I want to go for is a lot like that of Darksiders.

    Any info is appreciated.

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  • I found this:

    One could also set the emission of the shader to like 0.5 and then paint over it :)
  • @Jurgen I found this channel a while ago and he covers some hand-painted techniques:

    I figure it's not exactly what you're looking for but might spark something.
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  • I remember watching a video on the character from Darksiders. War. They mentioned that there was very little lighting applied to the character in-game, and that a lot of the shadows and shading was drawn into the texture itself.
    This results in a very painted look without having any of the more modern elements such as reflection, normal mapping or specularity interfering with the art style. The core idea was that if you want the artistry in the texture to show more, then you need to reduce the complexity of your material/shader and focus more on the diffuse texture image instead.
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