Global Game Jam 2020 Microsoft venue for joburg?

Hey guys, I went onto ggj site yesterday to sign up for the jam (for Microsoft venue, which I usually go to) and I see it's not on the list?

Does anyone know if it will be available? Or if it's just gonna be Vega for everyone like Capetown and joburg and durban etc?

I figured it would always be available, but I know that last year it was also only added a bit late to the site's venue options.

Thanks so much!


  • No we're not doing MS this year, due to various reasons. Vega is the one I'm heading to.
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  • The Microsoft venue required us to find sponsorship for the security and catering and an MS employee must be present as well (I’ve transferred to Cape Town). @Tusim and I thought it would be easier to support the Vega Joburg venue instead of doing the extra leg work, and the Vega organizers have been very friendly and supportive!
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