Testing a game idea on Google Play

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I am new to uploading games to Google Play. This is my first project I've worked on. Please try it out and feel free to suggest how to improve it. It was inspired by certain arcade games from the early 90's, including the game's resolution :)



  • First of all, well done for releasing something - that is something cool in itself :)

    1. There's a continue button on first play. That's weird.
    2. The "Buy full game" being in every menu is weird. It's okay if it's always in the same position somewhere, but when it seems to be moving around in the UI every time you press a button and it's screaming in the loudest colour, it is annoying.
    3. When you say "the resolution" is inspired by retro-ness, it doesn't feel like it, it just looks blurry. Actually trying to do a retro graphic thing requires the art to look like pixel art. Turn the anti-aliasing off so the pixels are sharp and make the game around that.
    4. The controls are unintuitive and difficult. Intuitively I want to move the cursor freeform. Like with a virtual joystick or where I tap is where it aims. The game being designed as left/right only is fine, but the up/down buttons are weird - I could never go up from up, or down from down, so a toggle in a single button would work much better, IMO. The buttons also feel a bit small and I often have to look at them to make sure I'm pushing them, which is not good for an action game. This feeling of moment to moment input and responsiveness is one of the most key things in a game - it needs to make the player feel satisfying and interesting.
    5. The F/R/etc buttons to the right take a bit of deciphering, which is again, bad for an action game.
    6. The two modes seem interesting. I'm not particularly feeling them being much different though in terms of experience.
    7. It's often not easy to tell whether I've hit something. It's not really that explicit in your player feedback. Needs much more clarity.

    I'm sure you've put a ton of time into this, I wish you would have shown us earlier in the process where we could have given you feedback when it was still early!
  • Hi. Thank you for the advice. Very useful. It is hard to make a good game. I will attend to those issues in my next release.
  • Hi

    I have updated the game a bit. I tried to add a link to it here but it keeps removing it when I post a comment. The message just shows an empty space where the link should be.
  • Here's the free demo on Google Play
    Iron Conflict 2
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