The source for the Unity physics-driven-characters talk I gave at Playtopia

edited in Projects

I gave a demonstration at Playtopia 2019 on building characters in Unity and driving them with PhysX (titled "How To Dematerialize Completely").

Here's the source code for the project if anyone wants to check it out:

(It's a Unity 2019.2.8 project)

Like I said during the talk, there's loads of ways to do this, each with their different affordances. The method included in the project is just the way I currently control ragdoll characters. This method is a lot like the commercial Unity addon called "Puppetmaster" except that it is more light-weight than that package and a fair bit more goofy (because I like goofy physics).


The main thing this method does is try get a ragdoll to follow the movements of a traditionally animated character (and I animated the character within Unity, which I find to provide a very speedy workflow, as the wobbly physics covers up for my simple animations)


The source is provided AS IS. It's not very well documented, but it is broken up into several scenes so that you can get an idea of the process as well as the end result. The system is pretty complicated, with quite a lot of moving parts, I'm sorry in advance if this makes it impenetrable.


There's also a scene called "Skank" that has some helpful "Skanking" assets were you to be the sort of person that would want to make a game about "Ska".


You are welcome to use all of the code and art in this project. It's all stuff I made myself or heavily edited. You are welcome to use any of this in commercial projects, just give me a credit.

There's also a teeny bit of quality-of-life code written by Robbie Fraser included in the project.

The 3D text was generated by an asset called "Virtence Text" using the font "Grota Sans"... because I don't have the right to distribute these I have stripped them from the project.


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