Talk on GPU based rendering systems in CT

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Derek Patterson is a South African artist who has been working abroad as a Lighting TD at Blue Zoo and Jellyfish Pictures in London, as well as Lead Lighting Artist for games such as Gears 5 at Splash Damage.

Over the last 2 years he has spearheaded a GPU-based rendering pipeline that has been adopted by the studios and which has had a tremendous impact on the UK industry.

Join us as Derek shares some of his experiences in establishing this pipeline in some of the UK’s top animation studios, as well as discussing the advantages and the future of utilising GPU-based rendering techniques in high quality animation. He’ll also be talking about his experiences in the gaming industry, his role in Lighting on Gears 5, and his thoughts on opportunities in the industry.

7.00 pm, Tuesday 3rd December
Venue: Triggerfish Animation Studios, Dreyersdal Farm, Bergvliet, Cape Town

This is an open invitation to anyone in the SA industry interested in lighting, rendering and making games. There’ll be some wine, good vibes and the opportunity to learn more about how you can take advantage of GPU-based technology, as well as some insight into the future of making animation!


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